: SCORE concluded its activity. Download the main project results from this page.

Strengthening the Strategic Co-operation between the EU and Western Balkan region in the field of ICT Research
strengthening the strategic cooperation  between the EU and western balkan  region in the field of ict research
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SCORE concluded its activity. Download the main project results from this page.

The SCORE project has officially completed its 2-year activity on 31st January 2009 and, according to the review report, it successfully managed to contribute to the strengthening of the strategic cooperation between the EU and the Western Balkans in the ICT research field.

SCORE has in fact identified and defined the next key research priorities of the Western Balkan region in order to induce and maximize the possibilities of scientific and technological collaboration with EU countries, with particular emphasis on FP7.

The Strategic Research Agendas: “ICT R&D Priorities for the WB countries 2008 – 2013” and the Policy Paper: “Shaping EU-Western Balkan co-operation in the field of ICT Research and Development in the period 2008 –2013: Priorities and Recommendations” are the two main tangible outputs.

Download the main project results below

SCORE also succeeded, as reported by the project reviewers, to create a sustainable network of “subject matter experts” within the WB region, and to build contacts with high level policy makers in each of the covered countries. The project should be considered therefore as a case study and its achievements shouldn’t remain “stored in the shelf” but rather be exploited and leveraged by following supporting actions in the region.

Thus SCORE delivered its results and experience mainly to the FP7 WINS-ICT and WBC-INCO.NET actions that will continue and further develop the SCORE project achievements

The SCORE portal will be kept on-line for the next three year but its information content will be further improved and made available by WINS-ICT portal

Wishing you fruitful ICT research cooperation,
the SCORE project team

Documents SCORE consultation plan and tool kit (1.14M)
Strategic Research Agendas on WB ICT priorities (1.05M)
Policy paper with recommendations for shaping EU-WB cooperation (211.32K)
Final Conference Report (137.85K)